Project Funding

Project Financing can be defined as a method to fund large capital-intensive projects such as Energy (eg both Renewable and Fossil-fueled base (O&G) power plants, pipelines, refineries) and Infrastructure (eg airports, dams, bridges, roads, telecommunications facilities, water, and sewer systems.  The typical structure concept model is BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) and in most cases, these projects usually having a company formation as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).  All projects must be Shovel-ready, at the Notice to Proceed (NTP) stage, and have Skin in the Game.

Option 1

  • Countries USA And International
  • Loan Type:  Debt And Equity
  • $2 Million – $10 Billion
  • 85% Lender / 15% Client Equity
  • Interest Rate: 4% Fixed and up
  • Terms: Up to 15 Years

Option 2

  • Countries USA And International
  • Loan Type:  Debt only
  • $2 Million – $99.99 Million: Loan To Cost: Capital Stack: 96% / 4%
  • $100 Million – $10 Billion: Loan To Cost: Capital Stack: 98.5% / 1.5%
  • Grace Period – yes
  • Interest Rate:  varies (based on risk assessment)
  • Terms: Up to 20 Years (matches off-take and PPA agreements)