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About Us

We are a (non-bank) commercial financing and investing consulting firm with access to public and private financing sources. We can structure commercial real estate scenarios for New construction loans, Acquisition Financing, Rehab Financing, Refinancing, Debt Restructuring, Business Financing and even commercial paper financing. We do not do any type of residential financing.

We do work with outside brokers around the USA, Canada, Caribbean, North America and other select international countries that are friendly to the USA. We are direct with commercial lenders and investors and do not Broker through third parties. We have our own network of commercial investors and Lenders and work directly with these networks.

We do receive funding proposals from brokers and assist them in securing financing but we don’t use Brokers to locate financing for our projects. We do provide consultation services to brokers and can provide verbal pre-screening of their loans and underwriting, providing a written business plan is provided.

Typically, we can issue term sheets within 48 hours for most projects.

Our Specialty 

We specialize in structuring and placing high leverage commercial transactions from $10 Million to $15 Billion Dollars with the client having some skin-in-the-game typically 10 percent cash. Using creative debt structuring that allow for 90% up to 100% true LTV financing strategies.

Consulting Services

We also have several consulting services geared toward the commercial developers and investors. | You can explore or services here.|  

Financing Products

We provide numerous commercial financing products for the commercial financing and investing community. We have one Single Family Resident program geared toward the financing of portfolios or residential properties. Our product mix consists of traditional financing products and several alternative financing products such as Credit Enhancement  and Bond financing products. You can see all of our financing products here.

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