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We are committed to assisting your with your commercial financing needs whether it's traditional financing, creative financing or High Leverage Financing.

Your Perspective Matters!

We understand that your projects are as unique as you are and requires unique solutions and options. That why we focus on creative and innovative financing options if innovative and unique investors.

Strategic Funding

We focus on strategic financing solutions that actually work. Securing your funding requires specific Strategic moves and preparation.

Global Resources

We understand what it takes for a US company to secure financing for un-US projects. Our Global networks and resources provided practical solutions for International Financing Projects.

Multi Family Property Financing

Construction, Acquisition, Rehab And Refinancing programs are available for Multi Family and Healthcare Properties.

On Shore Fuel Exploration Financing

Unique On And Off Shore Energy Financing Programs Available starting at $10 Million - $200 Million.

Off Shore Energy Project Financing

About Us

We are a (non-bank) consulting and investing  firm with access to public and private financing sources. 

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Our Team

Our team consist of Commercial Investors, Developers and Hedge Fund Investors. With this team, all of your  investing concerns are understood.

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Our Services

We offer commercial loan placements , free consultations and commercial loan packaging and consulting services. Schedule your consultation today.

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If you would like to explore your financing options and opportunities you can schedule a FREE consultation below or contact us via email.

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Creative deal structuring allows us to provide unique and custom programs geared toward our clients needs and concerns.


Because all of our team are either active or retired financing professionals, our ability to get deals into the right hands is very effective. We can get every deal done but we can identify the doable projects very fast.